Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Luau and Aulani...

Well, we got a few more visitors this week!  Mike's business partner Josh and his lovely fiancee, Elise came to stay at the guest house next door.  Webb and Laury also got here Saturday night, party in Kaaawa!!  Monday we went to the PCC for the luau and show, it was fun to spend time with them all and the show is always so entertaining.

Webb and Laury rocked this island.  They seriously moved the whole time and it was so fun to see them enjoy it!  I would send them a text message of all the things I knew, places to eat, whatever and they would GO.  They are awesome.

Tuesday we went to Aulani to stay at the resort with Kate and Andy.  From the first minute we arrived,  it was so welcoming with leis and necklaces for the kids.  It has a disney feel for sure but still Hawaii and SO nice.  The pools are amazing, the snorkeling bay inside the resort was awesome... watersides, lazy river. The beach was beautiful, we snorkeled and paddle-boarded. We had a lot of lava flows and relaxed. We saw Steve Young, lol. Tuesday night, Webb and Laury came over and we went to dinner at a Mexican place. It was yummy and super fun company.  We saw Steve Young, lol. Wednesday, the kids went to Auntie's Beach house for activities most of the day so the adults got to relax, scheme business and hang by the pool. Payt made some friends in the pool, too.  A few of the characters came around, you can see my excited "minnie mouse" face... Mike and Andy were mocking but I really was that excited for Tess to see minnie.  Kate and I went to lunch Wednesday afternoon while the boys went out.  It was just a lovely day. The sunsets on the west side are truly amazing... what a fun few days.  

The girls did a lot of singing "Let it Go" in the keiki pool..had to document the magic :)  We headed home Wednesday night. Cassie had her baby that night, too!  three weeks early, so crazy! Kate went to see her and the babe (Andie) before they caught their flight home.  It was so nice to have them here I am sad to see them go.  love my sis.

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