Friday, February 06, 2009

"Angry Face"

Avery is 8 months old. She LOVES signing time, she smiles whenever she hears it. She is getting two baby teeth. She is not such a big fan of baby food these days. She is getting to be a better sleeper...she goes to bed awake and cries her little self to sleep. She has an "angry face" and she knows how to use it! She is crawling all over the place. She loves the bath tub and splashes with the best of them. She has a decent sized booty...but teeny tiny feet. She loves her mama. She also likes her brother and sister. She loves her daddy too, mostly when he sings her to sleep. Avery is starting to try lots of foods...cheerios & chocolate & crackers. She likes big people food. She's the thirstiest baby I've ever met. She loves to drink water & juice. She loves her cousin Arleigh. She says mama, dada, ball and all done {or that's my interpretation of her words:) She knows the sign for sleep. She gets dragged along as I suppose all third children do...misses naps, hops shopping cart to shopping cart, and most of the time has a smile on her face through it all. She is a gem. I love her to bits.

"kind of a big deal..."

Besides the fact that I just found a HUGE-O scorpion in my front room. and that's a big flipping deal, these are a few other things that are kind of a big deal, right now :)

We went to see our Suns play! Thanks to Bunkers for giving us the tickets, they were great! And our kids loved it...we were glad the Suns won. {our record is not so great this year} Got to zoom in on my Leandro and Stevie, and it's always funny to see Shaq's big feet. During quiet moments Payton would yell out "Shaq!!!" and everyone around us would laugh. Didn't get a knod from the big diesel, maybe next time! It was lots of fun. {forgive Mike, who cannot take a picture without sticking his fingers in front of the flash...}

All these cute grandkids are kind of a big deal! Wow, haven't we multiplied? We think they are so fun...

Avery is on the move! She thinks it is a Big Deal! She is a cute little crawling baby. I have lots to update about her...{see next post} The snotty nose in the picture is appropriate since that's another big deal...she's getting two tiny teeth on bottom and that's making her a miserable human being!

Yes, Michael is kind of a big deal...he is a celebrity and I tease him endlessly. He went to Vegas to support his brah and even though his brah got worked, no seriously WORKED, he had a fun time hanging out with them. I'm teasing honey, I know you don't really think you're a big deal :)