Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hey baby, let's go to Vegas!

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Well, I have just returned from my offical first girls trip. And it was so much fun! I met up with my college roommates (Rachel,Talia & Tiffany...missed you Kam & Jill) in Las Vegas for a few days and we had a really great time catching up...hadn't seen Rachel for like 4 years or something crazy! We stayed at the MGM, went to Celine :), ate out, shopped, swam, chatted, re-told "Ricks" stories, and laughed a lot. We didn't gamble at all, but I did have my first karaoke bar experience...even did a duet with some guy who was impressed with my singing! It was hilarious. I did miss my babies and my sweet Mike who kept the kids and was such a great dad while I was gone, but it was a nice little break for me and a good time to catch up with the girls.

Thanks ladies, for the wonderful trip. I love you girls. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Payton Michael

Payton is four.
He is named after his daddy.
He can do a "guilletiene" and other UFC moves on his sister.
He prefers his juice warm.
He has a lot of friends (real and stuffed)
He loves "rama noodles" and would eat them for every meal if allowed.
He is a good student.
He loves to draw.
He rides a two wheeler.
He swims like a speedy fish.
He likes to play "playhouse disney" online...especially "print & color".
He is a good big brother.
He likes gymnastics.
He likes to skinny dip ;)
He has long surfer hair.
He is a collector.
He is our special boy.

Sydney Kate

Sydney is two.
She is named after her aunt.
She pees in her Dora potty, on occasion.
She loves cheese.
In fact, she goes to bed with juice & string's a pushover.
She loves Ariel.
She can roll her tongue.
She has lots of babies: abby, posie, sarah, gracie, hannah.
She sleeps in a "big girl bed".
She likes to watch "Max & Ruby".
She is a good dancer.
She likes going to nursery with the kids.
She can do a killer forward roll (sommer-sault--sp?)
She loves her big brother.
She always blesses the missionaries when she prays.
We love our Sydney girl.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

"I've been tagged..."

Thank you Jenna, I was beginning to feel left out :) Kidding, kidding. I'm not too exciting, but here goes. It should have "favorite books" on here because then I would add "Eclipse" to the top of the list. I read it in one day, all 600+ pages. The kids were neglected, yes, but it was sooo good. Mock if you must Jeramy & the rest of you critic men...but it was good and we girls like that sort of thing!

Jobs I've had
1. mama
2. Pediatric Nurse
3. janitor (yes, it's true)
4. medical billing secretary

4 Movies I Can Watch Over and Over Again...
1. drumroll...The Notebook
2. How to lose a guy
3. Anne of Green Gables
4. Meet the Parents

Places I Have Lived...
1. Mesa, AZ
2. Rexburg, ID
3. Provo, UT
4. Woodbridge, VA
5. Merida, Mexico

Favorite TV Shows...
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. ER
3. The Office
4. Lost

4 Places I Have Been On Holiday...
1. Cali
2. Mexico
3. Italy
4. New York

Favorite Dishes...
1. Mike's steak & avocado
2. salmon taco
3. penne rustica @ mac grill
4. bbq chicken salad

Websites I Visit Daily...
1. Email
2. Blogs
3. sugardoodle (primary crap :)
4. email & blogs again...

Places I Would Rather Be Right Now...
1. in bed
2. the beach
3. with my mom & dad
4. with my sisters

Now here are 5 people that I am tagging...
1. Becky Beals
2. Cami Kesler
3. Amy Chappell
4. Kristine Lefler
5. Kate Ball

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Personal Victory.

And no, not that I cleaned by bathroom shower for the first time in weeks! Officially, we went an entire week without eating out. It may not sound like much to all of you regular chefs, but to us it is big deal. Especially lately, it seems like we have been on the road and just too lazy (me) to cook. We had been eating out a lot, which is natural when there are no groceries in the house! So we made a goal, hit costco and have been cooking every meal since. It actually feels really good, so I thought I'd share our small, but personal victory.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

What did YOU do today?

Sydney Kate & her Dora is exciting!

Well, WE pee'd in the potty...lots and lots! Sydney is getting to be quite well acquainted with her Dora potty & loves to use it. We are using bribes so you can hear her yell "I pee'd in the potty & I get a SUCKER!" after every visit. My dum-dum supply is running low...I never knew a little girl could go sooo much! And Payton seems to think he gets a sucker every time she goes because he helps her. Ok, ok. Sydney is doing pretty well, we are proud of her. I had to throw in the second picture to show off her knock knees, which may be the one and only thing she got from her mom (besides her pleasant disposition :) kidding). Here's to potty training!

Orange County Fair

We went to the OC Fair with Blake & Mikelle and had a lot of fun on the rides...I'll admit, the first time Mom was a little nervous, but as you can see, the kids were NOT and immediately upon standing up, Sydney would say "do dat again!" I think we rode 5 times.

There's nothing like good ol' "fair food"! We steered clear of the fried oreo's, twinkies & even coke, yes COKE! But we couldn't resist the corn on the cob (Mike had his with!) corn dogs & $9 turkey legs! Yikes. We had a lot of fun and it was a beautiful night in the OC.