Thursday, July 30, 2009

All men? or just MINE?

So we were out of eggs and Mike wanted to make his specialty omelette, so he said he was going to run get some. Ok, so I said, could you grab some milk and bananas while you're at it? thanks. and then he returned...with this! This is NOT the first time this has happened, either. What is it with men and surplus? I will give him props to sticking to the list {I am totally guilty of going for one or two items and coming home with a cart full of stuff I didn't plan on buying}...but honestly, this family of five surely can't consume 3 gallons of milk and 54 eggs before the expiration date! Love him for his efforts, though! Needless to say, we've been eating a LOT of the specialty omelette!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


These two have been in the money making business the past few days. Literally, all on his own, Payton got this idea and dragged his sister along. They've been selling otter pops on the corner in the blazing heat! It's been fun to watch them make signs and stand out there. then run to the garage to get otter pops whenever they get a "customer". Truthfully, I think Sydney's sale tactics {a pretty darn cute face} are beating Payton's! But they are a good team...! They even had a little finance lesson with their dad...paid the bank {me...who bought the otter pops in the first place}, tithing, and split the rest 50/50. It was good to see them work for something for a change :) And thanks to all you neighbors {and strangers} who forked out a whopping .50 for an otter pop! {Payt started at a dollar...I had to work him down a little!}

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So...after 3 weeks of vacation, Mike and I needed a little break! We got to go to Lake Tahoe with friends for 5 days and it was such a fun little getaway. My mom came to watch the kids, so we left Avery for the first time {Ah!} and she did great. It was so beautiful there...I couldn't get over it! We went for the Celebrity golf tournament...and let me tell you, I am part celebrity now! I had such a fun time celeb watching. We saw a ton of athletes and a few tv stars {kevin from The Office, Pres. Palmer, Carlton from Fresh Prince, Ray Romano} My list of stars could go on and on! It was sure fun to shmooze with the VIPs for a few days. We rented bikes and rode to breakfast. We took a boat on the lake and man, was it beautiful. They don't call it Tahoe blue for nothing! We saw Harry Potter {long and overrated} and we ate a lot! It was so very much fun. Not to mention we spent time with great friends! Mike celebrated his 31st birthday while we were there and he kept saying "best birthday ever"! Seriously, what more could a guy ask for? Beautiful place, not a bad looking wife :), golf all morning {even if he's the caddy's caddy}, walking amongst the celebs, REO speedwagon and STYX concert...right up front! We had a fabulous time! Anyways, Happy Birthday honey.

Celebrity Golf Tournament

beautiful place...Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Blue! The water was so cold and so beautiful. This
was before the tubing ride with the girls! good times!

{my arms are still sore...}

Happy Birthday Miguel!

17th Hole.

"Rock On" faces at the concert

Tanners and Vans

proud to be an American...

How lucky we are to live in this great country. Even if we have issues :) God bless the USA.


Ahhh, Idaho. We got to stay at Mike's parents house in Menan, Idaho for a week or more. I don't have pics of the river, which was sooo high because of all the rain. Or the life-size mosquitos. Or the jet skiis and the amazing sunsets. or the hot tub and all the kids running around naked...but if I had, you'd see that it was awesome. Preston Rammell had his farewell the following Sunday so we got to go to that and have a brazilian lunch afterwards. I was in charge of the brazilian limeade {with my helpers Kate and Laury...} It was a fun time, got to see Kambria and her sweet baby Augustus. Dave, Tracy and Wrenn came to visit from Colorado...along with Granny and Pop. We spent a lot of time at the RV Park, kids LOVED the playset and the store. Pop and dama dama gave them lots of fun crap :) and Avery and the squirrels stole a LOT of candy off the bottom shelf! {seriously, the squirrels Love the m&ms} The fourth was awesome. We went to Driggs...Victor parade, teton springs for swimming, emporium for a huckleberry shake. Then off to Idaho Falls for the fireworks which were seriously awesome this year. The LeSeurs from our old ward happened to be staying at the park, so that was fun. Kristine and her boys and Terry and a bunch of folks were there. We had a great time. Can't beat Idaho on the fourth of July.
Not in Idaho...but I got to see Amy Jill briefly for lunch on our way back through Utah! love this girl. too bad I look 5 months prego in this picture.
Bear World petting zoo. Payt loved the goats.

Pop and all the kids on the Rhino at the park. fun times.

Victor Emporium, Victor Idaho.

patriotic bunch...

these two had lots of fun playing was nice to have another girl around

Little miss Aves and her hats.... love her!

Relaxing at the Idaho "falls" watching the ducks and dodging goose poop.


Utah was beautiful, lovely weather...even quite a bit of rain. We started by going to the temple with all my brothers and sisters, and parents. It was really nice to be together. Then Sydney's birthday! Can't believe she's four. She shares a birthday with her dama-dama, so that's always fun. Thanks to Amy & Jeannie for putting on such a fabulous flower party. The pinata from the 50 foot ceiling beams was a big hit and Sydney was very polite in thanking everyone for their gifts. It was a supter fun party.

Lots of love and smiles from this little guy...our newest little Sam. What a sweet "Sam I am"!!!

lots of cousins...

sweet Quinn. He's grown so much and is seriously his daddy's child!

Lots of these two peaches. They were so cute together. Arleigh would say "oooo" and just want to kiss Avery. Avery warmed up after a while and they got along quite nicely. Love having these two so close. I am lame and didn't take too many pics...but it was equally as nice to hang out with Arleigh's mama. She is a gem. Mom was preparing for Bijou market...sewing up a me, kate and Jenna were quite busy working on tags and displays and pics. It was really a lot of fun.
Family pics...

Elder Jared Boyd Rammell...Charleston, West VA mission!

Jared's farewell was Sunday...and he did an absolutely beautiful job on his talk. He is so great and so ready to go. Kate, Jenna and I sang "Beautiful Savior"...which was nice. We had lunch at Todd and Jill's and it was so nice to be around all of our family. We had a country picnic of sorts, it was yummy. Lots of people came down to support Jared. He is going to be a great missionary. "Take me home, country roads"...

Sydney and Dama Dama on their big day!


We made a quick trip to Newport with friends before heading north. The kids had an absolute ball on the beach. Avery loved it and surprisingly didn't eat the sand. We got to see blake and mikelle, which is always a treat. All the adults took a midnight bike ride {not enough bikes=mikelle and I on the boys' handlebars...ouch!} to get thrifty's ice cream which was soo funny and quite a long adventure. We had a great time!


Yes, I am just shy of a year from thirty. Officially, it was a great birthday. Thanks to Mike the poet and buttercake. {Mike was quoting Whitman in my bday post, fyi}. We went to dinner at el postino and dessert at Mastro's. the company and conversation were funny and it was a great night for me. Lots of cards and goodies from my kids, which always makes me feel loved. Not to mention your kind comments. Good day, great. looking forward to next year :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

four and one

I have obviously been out of town and on blog hiatus. and yes, I have a billion pics from our trip to post. But I am most excited about my two girls and the pics that my wonderfully talented photographer friend took of them for their 4 year and 1 year pics. I love them all and could hardly choose which ones to post. but here you go. My friends name is Talia and you can find her at (jenna, I know you taught me how to link, but I forget :)

Enjoy and look for more pics asap.