Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ten years.

Ten years ago today I married this good man, Miguel. Now...four babies, a mini-van, a dog and many miles later, we are still standing side by side on this road. And I'm happier than ever. I love you Michael, truly I do.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a Rammell Family party at Grandma Moulton's on Sunday, exchanged gifts and had dinner. It was a lot of fun. Then we went on a sleigh ride at Kari's house...he has Grandpa Moulton's sleigh and horses. It was such a fun time, good old memories came back to my mind. It was fun to have Mike and my kids experience it too. Payt rode behind on a sled and had a great time. Sydney got to "drive" the horses and Avery and Arleigh sure looked cute all bundled up. Carolee had made "spudnuts" and hot chocolate for us after our ride. Yum.

Christmas at the cabin is a wonderful time. It is cozy. The kids "bombed the hill" plenty, rode snowmobiles, played and played.

Mike and I went out to Idaho Falls for lunch with Tay and Rachel. It was good to see those girls. And then we picked up Ann. It is good to have her back. Payton was so happy to see his dog.

We went to Jackson on the 23rd. The weather was beautiful! We took the kids to an indoor water park and they had so much fun. We shopped, walked around and went to dinner. It was a good day.

Christmas Eve, everyone went skiing at Targhee...everyone except me and the babies :) We did get to go up for lunch and watch the kid on the hill. Payton really picked it up, even went up the big hill. Sydney went to ski school, it was her first time...and I think she enjoyed it. It was sure a beautiful day for skiing. I found myself being a little envious that I wasn't on the hill! shocking, I know. We had dinner and a little program, kids got jammies from one of Santa's elves :)

Christmas was great fun, lots of toys and treats. The kids all got a dvd player in their own little carrying case. Avery got her doll "Julie", Sydney got princesses, Payton got wii games...madden 11 in particular. I got Le Creuset pans!!! And Mike got nothing :)

We hope you all had a Happy Holiday Season. xoxo

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Payton's Baptism

Payton was baptized in Driggs, Idaho on December 18th, 2010. It was a beautiful winter day and he sure looked handsome in his white clothes. Mike baptized him and he too, looked pretty sharp in his white jumpsuit from the 1970's! We had a lot of help to it a very special day. A lot of family came to support Payton. The kids sang "When I am baptized", Grandpa Rammell spoke about baptism, Pop spoke about the Holy Ghost. Everyone did a great job. The Spirit was very strong and I know that all of us felt it. Payton said the water was COLD when he went under...he was shivering in the dressing room! He was also confirmed and received the Holy Ghost that day and had many special hands placed on his head during his confirmation. How blessed we are to have such a wonderful, supportive, loving family. Thanks to all who made the trip. We had dinner afterwards at the Chappell cabin. It was very fun and again, thanks to all of those who helped make it so beautiful. What a perfect day. Love you Payton. So proud of your decision to be baptized.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

additional joy...

Here's a little peek of our newest bundle to be...amazing that I love her already.

When I was asked to be Primary Pres in the summer, I was obviously nervous and overwhelmed. But most of all, I was concerned that our desire to have another baby would have to be put on hold or I might have to be checked into some sort of mental institution :) I prayed for peace. During my setting apart, the Bishop said something that has stuck with me ever since that day and helped me through hard, pukey days and lonely, worry-filled nights. He asked that the Lord might bless our family with "additional joy"...and that spoke to my heart. So it is with peace and happiness that I introduce our new daughter, our addition of joy, coming April 2011.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Payton's parties.

Payton had 2 parties for his 8th birthday. The first was on his actual birthday and we went to dinner at Oreganos. We also celebrated Aunt Judy's birthday that night too. It was a fun time.

Then Saturday he and Spencer had a "football" party at the park. There were tons of boys and flag football, an awesome cake and tailgate food. The boys had a good time and we are sure happy to be able to celebrate with the Prestons. They are wonderful people and great friends. It was sure a fun day.

Happy Birthday Payton, can't believe you're so grown up. We love you even if you can't keep your eyes open in pictures :)

Friday, December 03, 2010

8 is great!

Eight years ago today, my life changed forever. And it's all been a blessing ever since. This boy is a joy to our family. He is best friends with his dad and has a soft spot in his heart for his mom. He is the first grandchild on both sides...and though, none will admit it, he might be the favorite :) He is super smart (thanks mom), super athletic (thanks dad) and he has a kind heart. He is adventurous and fun. He loves to play and read. He is in "running club" after school and has run 43 miles in the last few months! Payton, you make us so proud. You are sensitive and emotional (please don't mention the words d-o-g or d-o-d-g-e-r) but also super tough and fun to be around. He is a friend to all, even his sisters most days. Love you buddy, can't believe you're 8. Congratulations, you made it! Happy Birthday.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving and Family Pictures...

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving here in Arizona. All the Vans were together and we were able to get some family pictures taken. Matt's friend, Ben Christensen, took them and I think they turned out really great. Lots of kiddos, can't believe they're so big. And #9 is surely on her way in a few months. We went to Dave & Buster's for dinner and lots of games and over-priced prizes after pics! The kids had a blast.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Judy's this year. Dave and Tracy came to town and we all celebrated Granny's 80th Birthday together. Joan put a lot of effort into a display of Granny's favorite things and we took turns asking her questions. It was fun to get to know her a little better :)

The weather has been lovely. We had turkey day soccer game at the park Thanksgiving morning with all the kiddos. The cousins sure love being together. We had a great holiday week.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Catch up. again.

Well, I should be fired from the blogging world, it's true. And whether or not I have any good excuses, doesn't matter so much. But I am going to attempt to play catch up really quick.

Ah, the summer. It came and went. We spent some time in Idaho and Utah...not our usual six weeks thanks to a little something called Primary. My mom turned 50 and we had a celebration! My cousin had his "newly-wed celebration" and that was really fun. Mike and I sang "Huckleberry" and Payt made his performance debut with "Big Green Tractor". He did amazing. Driggs was beautiful, lots of cousin fun and horses. The fourth of July was great, as always. Hot air balloons and parade in Victor then fireworks in Idaho Falls. We took Little Ann with us, so that was fun. And crazy...3 kids and a dog in one mini van. wow.

And back home to the heat. School started before we knew it and now I officially have two kids in school all day. Sydney loves Kindergarten and Payton is a top notch 2nd grader. So...it's just me and Avery home and it couldn't have come at a better time. Because end of August hit and Dora was suddenly Avery's babysitter because I either had my head in the toilet or I was asleep. I seriously think I slept most of the month of September. It's been a rough few months, but I am happy to say that I am offically happy about baby #4 joining our family! We'll be a full fledged family come April 18th! We don't know if it's a girl baby or a boy baby yet...will keep you posted if I can get the guts to go find out.

Before the nausea hit, I did get to go back to Connecticut to a high school friend's wedding. I got to spend time with dear friends that I hadn't seen in a long time. It was great fun and quite a festive event. Not to mention, I love the East coast.

So that's my story.

Primary Program was last week and went off without a hitch! It really went great and I couldn't be more proud of these kiddos. Halloween was fun, as always. The kids were so excited to be all dressed up, especially our little butterfly Avery. She did the cake walk at least 100 times..."i love this game" she would say. She also said that while trick or treating. She is one funny girl.

The weather here in AZ is at it's prime and that makes me happy. I guess it's a good time to cover up this baby chub in sweaters and boots :)

OH...and I got a new nephew. Bennett Andrew. He is beautiful. and so is his mama. He came to the world a little quicker than anticipated and surprised us all. He was a tiny little bundle (3 pounds, 9 ounces) but is growing stronger and should be going home from the hospital very soon. We are so grateful for the progress he's made and how strong he is. I also am so impressed with my sister through it all. She is one strong mom and I look up to and respect her endlessly. She is a blessing in my life. I was so thankful to be able to go up to Utah after he was born and spend time with her and the family. I feel blessed to have been able to help with his first bath and watch him eat for the first time. And to shop for teeny tiny clothes with his mom. And to love Arleigh during this difficult transition. Heavenly Father surely blesses us each day.

Alright, if anyone even reads this blog anymore, enjoy the pics. If not, so be it.

Cowboy Miguel
kids found & rescued Hoppy the bird...

thought this was funny...Driggs hippies were not thrilled Glen Beck was speaking at the Huntsman Country Club for the 4th of July...we didn't go, but heard it was awesome!

mom's 50th

old friends
first day of school
Halloween 2010