Tuesday, May 27, 2008

me again

Yea, it's me again posting more pictures of my kids again. If you're sick of it, just ignore me. As for the grandmas in our lives...these are for you.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Our sweet Avery Baby

and then there were SIX...

Hard to believe we have multiplied so dramatically, but it's official, we have six kids between the two of us (Hailey & I are considered "us", just so you know) It's quite a crew, but they are good kids. And they were all so excited for Avery to meet her best friend Kendall for the first time! Good times.

Avery May

Just a few pics of our little girly...enjoy!

the binky fairy...

I got this fantastic idea from my friend Kelly...and it worked like a charm! We've been prepping little miss Sydney for about a month and the other night she said, "mom, I'm ready for the binky fairy to come" and so...she came (thanks Mike for running to walmart to pick out the "beautiful and magical prizes"). Even amid all the change with Avery coming home and such, Sydney has done great without the binky...only asked for it once and I reminded her that the binky fairy took them, she said ok and went to bed. Crazy! Now we just have Bella Dancerella running through our heads constantly, guess it's a good trade! Anyways, it works so if you have a near 3 year old with a binky addiction, give it a go! The pics are saying goodbye one last time to her dear friends and the other is the next morning when the binky fairy left her prizes. she was thrilled. We are proud of you Sydney Kate!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hey baby

Well, we are home and we officially have 3 kids. Wow! I am feeling great, a little tired, but really great compared to the other two recoveries. The whole experience was just beautiful and wonderful. I am glad to be home and we are all just relaxing and enjoying this little one. Avery is so tiny in my arms, it's just amazing to have a newborn. I honestly can't believe I can love her as much as I do...and the kids just want to hold her all the time. Mike is sweet with her too and she loves to lay on his chest. As for who she looks like, she is changing daily. Definitely she is our child, but she doesn't look exactly like either of them, some say she has a little more Rammell in her than the others. Thanks for all your well wishes, we appreciate your love and friendship.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Welcome Baby!

Last night at 9:11pm we had our sweet Avery come. She weighed 7.9 pounds and was 20 inches long. Sarah is doing great! We were both half asleep when the nurse came in and told us the baby was coming. From the time she broke her water until the baby came, call it 41 minutes max!

Sarah is doing very well and is SO relieved she is finally here. These last two weeks have been complete drudgery. I think if she heard me tell her to "go shopping" or "get a massage" one more time, she would have killed me. Funny how pregnancy changes things. FYI- For all those Husbands that read this (my guess is 1 or 2 and Lee for sure), shopping and massages are a unbelievable way to make your wife happy and induce labor.

Sarah is already up walking around, chatting with her nurse friends, and loving her new girl. Mom and Baby are doing great! Thanks for your support. Here are some pics to enjoy:

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Curly Sue

I know I've been in hiding mode...still am. And no, no baby yet. We will keep you posted. Let's just say that being dilated to 5 cm means NOTHING to me anymore. If anything, it has given me more anxiety and stress. Anyway, I've been wanting to post a few pics of last Sunday and Sydney's hair. It was Kendall's blessing and Mike and I laughed so hard when I pulled out these curlers...looking at her huge afro, saying maybe we shouldn't "experiment" on important days :) but with a little picking, it turned out pretty cute. I told her she could be Shirley Temple for halloween, she quickly said, "No, I want to be Snow White". So whatever. But she sure thought she looked pretty with her curls. I agree. Enjoy and HOPE to have some news for you all soon.