Saturday, February 08, 2014

Maui Wowie...

I scheduled some classes in Maui and last minute, Mike's parents offered to keep kids so he could come with me.  It was SO much fun.  We stayed at the Grand Wailea. That place is seriously like heaven on earth.  I had to work Thursday morning so Mike went to the hotel and watched whales from the beach while I taught class.  I went to lunch with my gal, Patti and then she dropped me at the hotel.  We played at the beach and in the pools, on the waterside like we were kids!  The room was a suite and totally amazing.  We met up with Patti and her husband for sushi that night...

Friday we worked out, had breakfast and played at the beach/pool. We laid out by the beach and worked together, it was really a lot of fun to spend time with Maui Mike. He was relaxed and fun.  We schemed doTERRA and enjoyed being together. We watched the whales breech, I was dying.  The ocean there is calm and blue and brilliant.

Then we had hot stone massages at the spa there at the hotel. It was bomb. And the pre-massage spa time was also very enjoyable...5 baths for the 5 islands. Each one with different oils and salts, I could have died.  It all ended much too soon and we had to be off.  We had a quick dinner and ran to do a bit of training at Patti's church building. There happened to be a Tongan ward doing a fund raiser, cooking mounds of meat and plate lunches. Oh my goodness, it was off the charts.

I taught another class that evening, then we headed to the airport for a late flight home. 30 minute flights aren't too shabby.  I'm fore-seeing a bit of island hopping in our future, for sure.  Maui is beautiful.

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