Sunday, February 09, 2014

I love to see the Temple.

We spent a little time at the Visitor's Center at the temple while Mike was getting his temple recommend interview.  The temple grounds are beautiful and it made me think of Grandma and Grandpa Rammell seeing all those couple missionaries in their mu-mus :)  We watched the family video/presentation, made me bawl.  The kids loved the displays inside.  Mike met up with us and we walked around behind the temple.  The trees back there are huge and amazing.  Mike has been reading a church history book of La'ie and learned so much about the culture and people. He was telling me an amazing story of Joseph Fielding Smith when he served his mission here at the age of 15.  And a sister who cared for him while he was sick on the big island.  She came to Oahu when the temple was built.  President Smith died before the temple was finished but this sister came back and received her endowments.  Evidently, there is a statue of her here at the temple.  I searched for it for about an hour and never found it, she was hiding from me. The history is deep and thick here.  The Lord surely has a place in his plan for La'ie.

I sure love my people. 


Dedre said...

I love that you are journaling your hawaii adventure!

I've been to that temple but I remember feeling the same way about the rich history of that temple! The polynesian culture is amazing. But then again I'm a history of people addict. :) I love culture and history!

Enjoy for me too, and keep journalling!
xoxo my twin!

Dedre said...

I've been to that temple ONCE missed that word ;)