Friday, October 23, 2009


Yippee for P mountain!
Chappell Apples :)

P-town in the fall.

The fam. outside of "Maestro's"...I overdosed on crepes and cinnamon gelato. delish.

These two are just too fun. Arleigh got stitches in her head a week back, poor girl.

Mike and the Q man.

"Papa" and his girlies.

the pumpkins. Andrew's is the far left...he is too crafty :)

Our other pumpkins.

Sydney and mom in the pumpkin patch.

Aves and her punkee.

Aves & Aunt Kate



Payton jumping. he was doing back flips and everything! what a kid.

Climbing the rock wall. He did so great for his first time.


In the orchard.

wild things :)

girls riding the train.

daddy and giggly aves.

this girl was in heaven riding through the mountains on the "brrooom brrroom" with her dad. she loved it.

October break was last week and the kids had no school. so we packed up the van {correction...I packed the van} and went to Utah for the week. It was so much fun. We had a few days of chilly weather, one rainy day that ended in a full rainbow across the entire sky and the rest of the week was just beautiful and sunny. The leaves are all changed now, reds and yellows and orange. The kids made me stop on the side of the road all the time to collect the different colors. I got to spend time with my mom and sisters. We did a little shopping :) We went to Max's last football game and it was so fun to see him play. We went to a fall festival at Thanksgiving point which was really a lot of fun for the kids. Payton and Max went on all the rides including a climbing wall and big bouncy tramp. All the cousins had a great time playing together. Avery & Arleigh are buddies. We went out to dinner at Sundance with J&A and D& J. It was beautiful up there. We had a great time at the land in Alpine...picking apples and riding the rhino. The boys shot sling shots and climbed the trees. It was so much fun for all of us. I even made yummo apple crisp with the "Chappell apples"! Payton brought a whole box home and sold them at his corner sale yesterday {while I was at work...I probably wouldn't have let him sell them, they are too yummy} He is hilarious. The Rammell fam went to Santaquin to the "Red Barn" and went on a hay ride, picked out our pumpkins and then back to Kate's for soup and carving. It was a lot of fun. The babies loved it. Avery kept saying "punkee" and held on to her tiny pumpkin the whole night. Good, good times. Too bad we ended the trip by getting up at 2:45 am and bombing the whole way home. yikes. I am still recovering from that part :)

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Poolside & the beach. Perfect combo.
What Miguel spent his time doing a good majority of the day {Notice laptop not far from reach}
What Sarita spent her time doing the majority of the trip...{pina colada and book in hand}
My post will be brief because I don't want to rub it in too much ;) We had a wonderful vacation with a few friends to Puerto Vallarta. The accomodations really couldn't have been more perfect and the amigos there offered us way too much food, snacks, fruit, & peeenya coladas at 20 minute intervals. I gained 5 pounds, I'm sure, but it was worth it. I read 2 books, soaked in a few rays, lounged and went to church in espanol. loved that. We watched movies in the theatre every night...and played games. I even zip lined through the jungle! We had to rappell down in a few parts and I thought I might pee my pants, but I actually wasn't that nervous and had a really fun time. Thanks to Mike's parents who watched the kids...they had a great time with Pop and Dama Dama. Good times across the border. I love Mexico.