Friday, October 19, 2007


We "last minute" as always, went to Disneyland one last time. We met up with the Schilds and their family, which was so much fun! The kids had a great time together. And seriously, kudos to the Coopers who have the whole "fast pass" thing down to an art! We had a great time, kids LOVED it! Payton went on every ride! He loved Splash the most...though he got quite wet! Sydney even got to go on Matterhorn and she wasn't even scared! We got to see our friends Blake and Mikelle which is always a treat. Thanks for the hospitality, as always. And a windy day at the beach made for some great kite flying. It was a nice trip.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Big Stars...

Alright, well these kids are very good at lyrics or I need to get a new CD in my car! Out of the blue, they both start singing this song tonight, thought you might enjoy. Watch out Tim!