Saturday, May 21, 2011

my kind of camping.

Saturday night we went out to dinner with Granny, Pop & Judy at Sauce. Then we went camping! In our back yard! It was awesome: beautiful weather, kids loved it, easy and best of all, little miss Tess could sleep in her crib inside! We roasted marshmallows, made s'mores, told spooky stories (ever heard of the "ghost cow"?) and Mike sang us to sleep with his music. Mom joined Tess inside about 5 am...but the rest of them lasted all night and wanted to do it again the next night! Great memories.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

six weeks

Couldn't love this six week old baby any more than I do. Man, those cheeks! I kiss them all day long. Lucky mama.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Avery turned three and she wanted a Tangled party. We invited our family and close friends to celebrate with us and I had a lot of fun planning this shin dig. I also had a lot of help with food...I didn't do it on my own. Avery's amazing nursery teacher made her cake and it was so perfect. Avery loved it! And it tasted awesome too. Dinner was yummy...Mike smoked a brisket and pork shoulder, a few friends brought salads, Queen Ju Ju dressed up like a "queen" and Princess Avery sure thought that was special. We set the tv up outside and the kids watched "Tangled" while we ate yummy dinner and spent time together. Avery had a great time blowing her candles and opening her gifts...she got a lot of Rapunzel goodies, dress ups, clothes, art name it. Thanks for all who took the time to celebrate with us. My favorite part was after it got dark, Mike and friends lit 3 floating lanterns and sent them into the sky. Everyone watched and waited and cheered when they took off. It was awesome. The details were fun...the Rapunzel hair on the front door, the "Rapunzel paints" for a favor, Pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider, sidewalk chalk, the banner of pictures that my friend Stacey took of our little tangled girl. It was just a fun time, great food, good company. I cannot believe Avery is three. She is so grown up, so smart and funny. She is unique and dynamic and people cannot help but love her. She is a blessing and pure entertainment to her family. She loves her baby sister. She looks up to her big sister and wants to be like her. She worships her big brother and he takes care of her. I am blessed to be the mom of these naughties...I really am. Happy Birthday Avery May!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

One Month

Tess baby is one month old.

It's crazy how time on the "baby out of the womb" side goes so quickly in contrast to "baby inside of the womb" time. The last month of pregnancy is like a minute counting, aching, waddling mess. And this past month has been one of joy. Pure joy and enjoyment of this little peach. Granted, the bags under my eyes are the size of a small state...and there's nothing glamorous about a post-partum body or mind (I've been riding the hormone roller coaster). But it is a special time, one not to be taken for granted. But sadly one that passes too quickly and because of the lack of sleep and sanity, maybe one that we don't remember like we should. I have sincerely tried to take it all in. Enjoy just staring at her and marveling at the miracle her little fingers, toes and lips are. She is a beautiful girl. She is lovingly called "Tessie", "Tess baby", "Tessie Tess", "Tangled Tess" and "Tiny"...She is especially loved by her big sister Avery. The video monitor has been put to good use as it is my right hand man after finding Avery IN Tess's crib. (We've also found her with her fingers down her throat...and she's moved her across the house more than once). Needless to say, I'm on my toes. Tess is sleeping in her crib and has been since week 2. I just can't deal with the baby noises :) She is doing pretty well the last few nights, giving me 4 or 5 hours at a time. She has the dreaded newborn rash but hoping that clears up pretty soon. She is holding on to her dark hair, she has long, dark lashes and the biggest poutiest lips. I love those lips. She also (don't hold your breath) has blue eyes. Our friend Margarita said with surprise "She has eyes blue" that's our favorite saying. Whether or not she stays eyes blue, it's not likely. But they are big and beautiful. She is a good baby, pleasantly sleeps and eats and bats those big eyes in between. She likes her swing, tolerates the bath, and loves going on walks in her stroller. She has attended more baseball games than any one month old and she is loved by all. Payton and Sydney beg to wash their hands and hold her. They really are great with her. Sydney is a good little mother hen. She thinks it's pretty special to be big and able to help. I have to say 4 hasn't been too huge of a transition for me. Not like 3 was. I am feeling great and loving being a mom to these kids. So my house isn't the picture of perfection and I don't cook as much as I should...I am draggin my feet big time getting back into my church calling, taking it one step at a time, but I am enjoying myself. I am certainly too hard on myself, hate to look in the mirror, etc. But I am trying to remember that I am doing the most important work I could possibly do now. It's our Heavenly Father's work and as daunting a task that seems...He helps me do it the best I can. I am thankful for this month of joy. This addition of joy to our home. Love you baby Tess.

Friday, May 06, 2011


Avery is 2...nearly 3.
Avery is a pistol :)

She is funny.
She is a favorite at nursery.
She loves nursery and playing with the "tids"
She loves to play with "Tendall"
She can't say her K's :)
She dances and wrestles and fights.
She loves to play with Sydney and Payton.
She loves baby Tess (to a fault...)
She likes to watch shows on the i-pad (dora, caillou, bubble guppies, arthur)
She loves to take a bath with bubbles.
She pees her bed when she naps.
She likes to read books.
She loves "Tangled"
She likes to play outside.
She cannot wait to get big and go to pre-school.
She is one of a kind.
She'll talk your ear off in her high pitched voice :)
She has a love/not love relationship with her daddy ;)
She is a blondie.
She is petite.
She is a good eater.
She likes treats.
She likes to touch and kiss and love and touch her baby sister.
She likes to go to AJ's.
She is a good singer and makes up her own lyrics.
She sleeps in the bottom bunk.
She likes to walk on her dad's back.
She loves her mom.
She likes to run around in her panties.
She is the best.

xoxo, Aves.


Sydney is 5. Almost 6.
Sydney is in Kindergarten.

She is our mother hen...
She is a sensitive, sweet girl.
She is BEAUTIFUL (as a boy in her class would say...)
She loves to hold baby Tess.
She is a helper to Avery and includes her.
She loves her friends, mostly Sophie.
She loves to play and swim.
She just got her hair cut short and it's so cute.
She is fun and creative.
She loves to draw and color and make a mess.
She loves going on Daddy daughter dates.
She loves new shoes (and she has big old feet!)
She loves to wear dresses.
She goes to Let's Play Music and is great at it.
She is Sydney Sweet Cakes (to Dama Dama)
She loves Aunt Judy. They are two peas in a pod.
She has beautiful eyes.
She has a body and disposition like her mother.
She's sleeps on the top bunk.
She always does her chores (with a little reminding from mom).
She's a good friend.
She is a blessing in our family.

love you so, Sis.


Payton is 8.
Payton is great.
Payton is our only boy...but he is the BEST boy.

He is finishing up 2nd grade in about a month.
He loves his friends...Spencer is his best friend.
He loves school and is so smart.
He made it into ELP.
He is playing minor baseball and learning a lot.
He is a great big brother and takes care of his 3 sisters!
He loves to hold baby Tess.
He is kind and has a good attitude.
He plays the piano and just had a recital :) He memorized both of his songs!
He is athletic and runs super fast.
He is determined and when he gets something in his mind, he cannot drop it (like buying a camera with video...about drove me nuts!)
He is a friend to all.
He just got his hair cut short and spiky like his dad's.
He loves to play.
He loves cub scouts.
He is sensitive.
He likes to eat corn on the cob.
He likes candy.
He loves to read.
He is a collector.

Love you Payt.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

the first four weeks...

The first four weeks are filled with lots of diapers and not a lot of sleep. Lots of baby curled up sleeping on my chest in a little ball. She is such a sweet little bundle. The first four weeks were also very much without a decent camera (sad) but here are a few that I got with the wal mart cheapo before my mother's day gift arrived (thank you Miguel). Love this baby!