Wednesday, October 22, 2008

home again...

Well home for a few days til it's no longer home. yuck. I don't love moving or huge changes...but it will be a good one for us. The house is coming right along and we are hoping to be moved in by Halloween (so Amy & Jared have a place to stay ;) Our Rammell family trip to Cali was awesome and more pics to follow asap. I had to post this picture of our girlies. They both look like their dads in this pic, I think! Mini Mike & Mini Andy? what do you think?

Friday, October 10, 2008


I hate moving. Ok, I try not to say hate around my kids...I really dislike moving. As exciting as this whole thing is, it is work. Now that I think about it, maybe most of you don't know that we are moving. Well, we are--not too far away, though. It will be a good change for us and I am anxious to have it all over and done. Mostly excited to stop walking around boxes in my kitchen and family room :) and stop having anxiety at night about decisions that I've made in the other house {we are remodeling}. most of all I need to get some new pics up so I can get the "stringy hair" picture off this blog. I am sorry you all had to see it for so long. After this whole moving hoopla, I will make a concerted effort to actually do my hair on a regular basis. yikes.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Star Student

Our sweet Payton was star student of the week last week. The letter of the week was appropriately "P" and he was so excited. We got to make a fun poster all about him and Mike and I even got to go to lunch with him in the lunchroom, which was fun for all of us. Friday all the kids wrote a page for him and they compiled them all into a little book...he was thrilled. Each page was about the same, cute picture of Payton drawn by each kid, the date, and "Payton is...nice. smart. cool." It is cute and he loves it. His teacher said he kept asking all week when the kids were going to make his book. We chatted with her at lunch and after clearing up some concerns she had about Mike {rumor has it he is going to train to BE a UFC fighter for 6 MONTHS...funny} she was really nice and complimentary of Payton :) She said she just loves him and he is a great student. He is learning a lot, brings home TONS of work from school...including many drawings (I am including a picture of one because I thought it was so's a drawing of bats if you were wondering) and really doesn't mind his homework so much. We love our star student!