Monday, March 30, 2009

i love my sister

I know I am a loser blogger. I am disappointed myself when I see the same old posts here on the blog. I hope to do better.

We had a fun few weeks. Spring Break was just that, a nice little break from school with beautiful spring weather. This weekend has been nearly perfect weather. I am in love with Arizona in the spring. I am growing basil, cilantro, rosemary & thyme. And I planted flowers. We spent 12 hours at the dunes {that's enough for me} and it was actually really enjoyable. Mike's mission friend & his wife came with us and it was nice to spend some time with friends.

Kate & Arleigh came to town for a few days. LOved it. Arleigh & Avery played, Kate & I just yapped and made bread {yes, we are little red hens...we ground the wheat & made the dough & baked the bread...YUM} we went to the cutest park. We shopped, ate out a little too much {sorry, Kate} and we went to the botanical gardens which were really neat, esp the butterflies. However, I bent over to take a picture of the girls and got skewered by a cactus in the backside. yikes. I pulled 3 huge pokies {for lack of a better word} out and it was like needles. that'll teach me. yowza. It was a lot of fun because the girls are just at the same stage, doing the same things, etc. Arleigh is a sweet pea. We were sad to see them go. Come back ANYTIME!

I have to say that Avery is a crack up right now. Mike says she is "so smart". And I agree. She is mimicking. And she is wise, I think. She gets what is going on around her, it's weird. She teases and plays. She is standing, wobbling, crawling up the stairs. saying words, signing a few, sleeping through the night {praise the heavens} and waving, blowing kisses, dancing {shaking her head side to side}. I just love her like crazy. She has her daddy wrapped too. She loves to be outside, loves the swings at the park {arleigh & avery went swinging together, loved it!} Alright, enough of my swooning, just wanted to document the sweetness of our ten month old.

lots of love from beautiful Arizona.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

just too cute.

I had to post a few more pics because I am way behind on my blogging and they are just too cute not to post. Everybody is doing great around here, loving the great weather lately, wish it would last longer. We are excited for our brother/uncle Jared who is getting his mission call this week. yay! love you jar! I am busy...too many things to do. I have been quilting with a group from church, what? yeah, I am trying to use that sewing machine ;) Thinking about planting some veggies. didn't know you could grow things in AZ, but apparently you can. Webelos {enough said}. And lets just mention facebook. I am very new to this phenomenon and I have reunited with many friends. it's fun, though it is yet another thing to waste my time staring at. yikes.



Ok, so this is what I found this afternoon. No, she didn't fall, but it was close! She is getting so confident and adventurous. She definitely loves her freedom and thinks she's so big. What am I going to do with this pill? climbing on everything these days...guess I have to buy a dreadful gate. I haven't had to deal with this before. definite plus of living in a rambler ;)