Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Happy Halloween

What a fun holiday. I just love dressing up...seriously, I planned these outfits for weeks. My husband thinks I'm o.c.d. Ok, maybe I am. But come on, take a look at Dora. She is perfect! She was so much fun this year, loved every minute of it. Boots the monkey, on the other hand, not so much. She was a little under the weather and didn't smile at all. At least she let me take some pictures before she ripped off the hood. Payton was Bumblebee the transformer because he refused to be Dora's cousin Diego or Swiper the Fox. "Oh Man!" Anyway, every year our neighborhood has a Halloween Carnival on our street and hundreds of people come. Homemade rootbeer {my favorite part}, cotton candy, sno cones, fishing pond, hot dogs and chili, cake walk, face painting and on and on. It is a ton of fun and everyone really goes all out with the costumes.
Boots, Dora & Bumblebee
Dora & Boots

This pretty much sums up Avery's feelings about Halloween and her dumb costume. At least it wasn't her middle finger :)

Popeye the Sailor Man and his girl, Olive Oyl.

Payton's buddy the Storm Trooper & our Bumblebee

"I am what I am." Please note the full bottle of gel in my "finger waves".

Kendall and Avery at the preschool Halloween Parade.

Dora the Explorer and her bunny friend, Mikelle.