Saturday, April 30, 2011

the first four weeks...

The first four weeks are filled with lots of diapers and not a lot of sleep. Lots of baby curled up sleeping on my chest in a little ball. She is such a sweet little bundle. The first four weeks were also very much without a decent camera (sad) but here are a few that I got with the wal mart cheapo before my mother's day gift arrived (thank you Miguel). Love this baby!

Monday, April 18, 2011

baby and baseball...

Payton has been busy playing minor baseball the last month. He is practicing hard with his dad and is hitting lefty. He's one of the smaller boys in the league but he is fast. His team is the Knights.

Mike's new baby: the green egg. He is a smokin' fool. And we all reap the benefits!

The rest of us are all busy loving baby Tess. She is (knock on wood) such a good girl...eats, sleeps, eats, sleeps, wakes a little :)

We've had a lot of family around...which has kept the big kids occupied. Tess and I have been resting, watching "Friday Night Lights" and feeding! Thank goodness for netflix and good friends that bring me treats.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tess Marie

Just a few pictures of our life since little miss has joined our family. 4 kids has made us officially a for real family :) Tess really has brought such a joy and light into our home. Our kids love her. LOVE. It's a sweet, special time. I hope to soak it all in...

Monday, April 11, 2011

baby Tess.

April 7th, 2011...Tess Marie joined our family. She was born at 3:21 pm and weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces. She is a lengthy 21.5 inches long. She has dark hair and blue eyes. She has bits and pieces of each of our kids and a few of her own. Some say she even has a bit of her mama in her.

Here's the brief story. If you don't like pregnant/postpartum dialogue, just skip it:
So turns out I was GBS+ this time around and needed antibiotics before delivery so we went in at 7:30 am on Thursday. Brookie was our sweet heart nurse and she had the room all dolled up for the arrival of our little one. She made us feel very loved and comfortable and I love her so much for it. Basically, just hung out all morning. The penicillin hurt like a mother going in my veins. Oh my goodness. Ice packs seemed to help but it was quite uncomfortable. Michael stuck around but was on the phone. Conference calls with British man from the delivery room bathroom, anyone? sheesh. Luckily, Kate came down to chit chat a bit later and I had some company :) Brooke started the pitocin about 10:30...the contractions started to steady up and get a bit stronger, nothing I couldn't talk through. Dr. McNeal was set to come in after 1:00 pm so I got my epidural about 12:30 pm. That is seriously the worst part. Mike was holding me in place, CRNA is taking her dang sweet time with set up, all the way my nerves are shot, I'm almost shaking with anxiety, squeezing Mike's arm...he's absorbing all my anxiety AND watching the needle go into my back. He turns greenish/gray and has to be convinced to sit and drink some juice. It was hilarious but dreadful. At least he didn't pass out. We got all the business done, doctor broke my water at 1:55...I was dilated 5 cm and 90% at that point. Brooke pulls out her magic peanut ball (peanut shaped yoga ball) and slides it into position which helps to open up the body. Man, it worked! Sooner than later, I could feel a lot of pressure...we called Brooke. 9 cm and fully effaced. Doctor was called back and we were all ready to go. Kate was snapping some photos :) and we were excited for the arrival of our new babe.

I pushed through 5 contractions or so. Little Tess was posterior which meant she was a little tougher to get out! I had to find my chi for just a minute to get that stinker out, but it happened and I only had to get one tiny stitch :) too much info? sorry.

Coming out, she looked so big and chubby. She is a bit of a whopper! Little sweet Tess was placed on my chest right away and it was quite emotional. What a blessing it is to suddenly have this tiny little piece of heaven handed to you. And you love her. endlessly. It truly is amazing. Mike was so sweet and supportive, stood by my side and no phone calls during delivery ;) It was so special to have nurse Brookie and Aunt Kate there.

Thanks to my parents who came to support us and help with the other kids. They brought them down soon after delivery and the kids just loved her. it really was special to see them react to their new sister. Avery's little expression was priceless. Sydney and Payton were both so excited to hold and love her.

I was starving! Had a bit to eat and spent time with the kids, Mike and my parents. The girls got to help Brooke give Tess a little bath. It was so sweet.

Hours later (when my right leg finally came to...) we were turned over to postpartum and Granny, Pop and Judy came to visit. They didn't stay long but they were sweet with baby Tess. Roger is really proud of her namesake, his own mother, Marie. He was quite emotional and very sweet about it.

Kate came back later in the evening. We visited and loved baby. Mike went home with her to get some sleep in his own bed. I fed little Miss and sent her to the nursery for a few hours.

Friday, Miguel showed up nice and early to hang out. Tess had her visit from the pediatrician and she gave us the thumbs up to go home. Krista Tanner came to visit. It was nice. Tess passed her hearing test and my parents brought the kids down again. Mrs. Kolodny had her baby Friday morning (crazy, right?) and she was right down the hall so we went to visit her. The hospital has a beautiful little zen garden outside with a playground and benches. We went out for a little bit. It was peaceful there. The kids went home and we got packed up and ready to be discharged. It was a quick stay :) But that's what happens when you're self pay!

Mike has been smoking the green egg like crazy. It's very very nice to have him cook! and he is exceptional. He did ribs friday before Payt's game. Saturday he did prime rib and Sunday we did pizzas. He's amazing and I have to say, this is one hobby I am very supportive of!

Kate left Saturday morning. I was so glad to have her here. She is a supportive sister and the best friend I have in this world. It was a special thing to share this time with her.

Mom and Dad stayed through the weekend, took the kids to Peter Piper, hung out and helped with odds and ends around the house. It was so nice to have them here. I don't get them here too often and what a treat it was to have them come meet our sweet baby. They left this morning. Sydney and I both cried.

She is a dream. She is so beautiful. She makes me smile just looking at her. Night one was a bit of a joke :) She had an upset tummy and we were up walking quite a bit. My milk came in yesterday and she has been getting full and is much more content. I should probably stop taking the percocet so I can remember what's happening in the night :) It's funny how I almost giggle when I hear her cry and have to get up...I actually don't really mind it! I love holding and snuggling her. She is just such a tiny little peach. She is a great nurser. She came out "rooting" and really hasn't stopped since. She is going to her well check appointment this afternoon. All in all, she's healthy and I am so grateful. She is a beautiful gift from Heavenly Father. She just fits in our family, she is just supposed to be. The kids love her. They fight over holding her :) lovely.

I am trying to rest. I am trying to enjoy her every little minute. I am feeling great, tired and crampy...but overall, just blessed. Michelle did sharing time yesterday and had all the kids write me notes and she brought them over after church. They made me cry, they are so sweet. I am thankful for the support in my life. Friends and family have been so great.

Speaking of friends...turns out Tay had her baby Sienna about 1 1/2 hours before I had Tess. Amazing! Her story is hilarious, "gas & air" and yelling at mid-wives and on and on! She was 4 days overdue and we had been talking like everyday. England has that social medicine thing going on so they do it quite differently than we do :) It is quite sweet that our little girls share a birthday. Even an ocean apart.

So I am overwhelmed with love for my girls and my boys, too. Mike and Payton singing to the guitar last night just makes me so happy and proud. Mike is an amazing man. He is my rock and my support and my best friend. I don't know what I would do without him in my life. I am so happy to share these babies with him. And I am so glad they have him for a Dad.

I know this post is dramatic and oozing with baby love...but it's history and it represents my current state of hormones! Welcome to our family, Baby Tess. Stay little, please. Let me enjoy your every move.

xoxo. Sarah

Monday, April 04, 2011

Maternity pictures...

So I was having thoughts. What if this is my last baby? What if this really is the last time my body is a home for a little one? Though I don't know the answer completely, I knew I better have some proof. So I called on my super talented"team" Natalie & Stacey. Nat tamed the lioness locks that are my hair when I am pregnant and Stacey Kay Hemeyer took some pictures...better late in the game than never, I guess! This was April 1st...97 degrees outside, mind you...and 6 days away from having this little Miss. I'm a brick house, I know. But at least I have some sort of documentation of the wonderful transformation that is pregnancy. It's horrible and wonderful and uncomfortable and an absolute miracle. I am thankful for this day. I am glad I braved up and did it. Thanks to my girls. All of them.

PS. Stacey is amazing at what she does...check her out

Sunday, April 03, 2011

pre baby weekend.

So I was pretty sure I couldn't sit around all weekend waiting for baby, waiting for Thursday, waiting, waiting...SO we went to the Arizona Grand Resort for the weekend. It was awesome. Figured it might be the last time we can get out and do something like this for a while, so we went to play. We all had a great time. As soon as I got over my self-consciousness and decided to ignore the " that girl is a bomb waiting to go off" looks and conversations (yes, I can HEAR you), I really enjoyed myself too. I read and lounged...sat and watched the kids in the wave pool. The kids LOVED the lazy river, kiddie pool, basketball hoop, slides, dancing on stage, pina coladas, movie at the was awesome. Sunday we watched Conference in the room and hung out the rest of the day. What a great idea by me, I will admit. Much better than sitting around waiting.