Thursday, May 31, 2007

So you think YOU can dance?

Ok, so Mike is probably going to kill me...but this is just too funny not to share! Blake was giving these boys a dance lesson one day out by the pool and I captured a bit of it on tape. It was just one funny little moment with a few funny, somewhat scary looking, boys. I love when Dallas comes in like, "out of my way, I can do this!" Hilarious. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

love & legacy...

I have been working on a little book for Mike's grandpa Roger's 80th birthday. Aunt Judy has given me pictures & these are a few among them. They are so wonderful! I just wanted to share them with any of you that might be interested :) Wasn't Granny a babe?

So They Say...

I can't tell you how many times I hear that my kids look "just like their dad"! And it is true...but I guess it's a good thing their dad is so good looking! I absolutely LOVE this picture! It sort of shows the sweet little love relationship these two share. How grateful I am for a husband who loves his kids.

payton loves preschool

Payt has had great teachers this year. He has enjoyed his Montessori experience and is looking forward to next year. Brad Bunker is a good friend and Payton loves to play with him!

crazy life & change...

Mike keeps telling me I need to update! So here I am...and I realize that I pretty much skipped Mike's graduation all together. It was such a great few days with family here and lots of friends for his party. I appreciate everyone's support, thank you. We are proud of him, for sure! And then Payton had his last day of school, he will sure miss it...he just loves school. It feels like life quickly changes and I am trying to adapt and stay afloat! Swimming lessons started this week, Sydney cried the entire time! But Payton did well and is in the same class as his friend Kaylee, so he is enjoying it. I, however, have to get in with Sydney and so I feel like crying the entire time! We are looking forward to a fun summer together.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Road to Hana...

We took a ride on the wild side and went to Hana to day. The boys were skeptical of the long & windy road, but it turned out to be a great day with breathtaking views and memorable outings. I especially loved the red sand beach where we jumped into the most crystal blue water (yes, I jumped...but my heart was thumping fast!) and I should mention clothing was optional at that beach which turned out to be quite interesting :) The waterfalls and vibrant green foliage were so beautiful and Hana town was quaint and quiet. We enjoyed warm banana bread that we bought at a roadside stand. It was a long day, but quite well worth it. These pics show our busy day. I think it was one of the most beautiful places I have been! Love you all!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Snorkel Addicts...

Seems like we have snorkeled a lot this trip! Today we had such beautiful weather and we spent it out on a boat in the sunshine! We snorkeled at Molokini crater and turle town. It was so nice and I loved swimming with the big turtles. Mike & Dallas went scuba diving and saw a 7 foot shark! yikes! We had a very fun day even if the Suns lost...bummer. We miss you all at home. Love ya and ALOHA!

Monday, May 14, 2007


These boys are like 5 year old kids together. They all buzzed their heads this morning and now we seem to be the center of attention around the pool...people stare like they are a bit afraid :) We had a wonderful beach day. Maui is the best!

"UFC Wannabies"

The Girls LOVE the sun!


Our trip to Maui

Well, we are here at last. The first 6 hours of the trip were less than perfect. Mike and I always seem to get the crappiest seat on the plane, but the company was good and the people next to us were friendly. The weather here is perfect and warm. We went to church yesterday morning and then hung out at the beach all afternoon. We snorkeled with turtles and we all underestimated the power of the sun here...we are all a little burnt today but we bought heavy duty sunscreen last night! I had yummy macadamia crusted mahi mahi for dinner last night at "Canoes" where the sunset was just beatiful. It was a great start to a great vacation. We are missing our babies, but talked to them last night and they sound happy & well. Payton and and dad love you and can't wait to see you soon. Have fun and be good! ALOHA! Hope all you moms out there had a wonderful day yesterday...all our love.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's the Playoffs, Baby!

My favorite Boys...


Mike and I got to go to the SUNS playoff game against the Spurs last night. Man, it was the best thing I've ever done. I got to see a few "celebrities" which is always fun for me. And I should mention that I LOVE Barbosa and Nash. The whole crowd wore bandaids on their noses to be like Steve Nash! Mike kept harrassing Bowen and Duncan...they are the biggest whiners. He would say, "Hey Bowen, where's your bottle?" It was funny though a tad emarrassing :) Mike was convinced he got "in their heads". It was so intense up front where we were sitting (third row!!!), I had anxiety a lot, but it was the best night! Thank goodness we won or I would have been sick that we spent so much money on those tickets! But was it worth it, you ask? EVERY PENNY.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Our biggest little campers!

They're all smiles...

Ward Camp Out!

Well, we went on our first family campout. And these kids had a ball. We went to Camp Lo-Mia (our girl's camp) on Friday night. We had skits, songs, s'mores and smoke! The kids were dirty and loving it. On Saturday the kids did a nature hike while the adults did service for an Eagle Project. We played games and had lunch and headed home. Man, we were dirty and so tired! We have recovered now and Payton is begging to go back.

children serving children

Service Makes A Smile :)

I want to post a bit about our last primary activity. Though, I tend to make myself physically sick with all the planning and carrying out of these things, this one was such a success and I think the kids really loved it, I wanted to share. We did a service project for kids at the Child Crisis Center here in Mesa. We asked families in the ward to donate to our cause for about a month prior to the activity. We gathered items for birthday kits, summer fun kits, hygiene kits, and fleece blankets. At the activity, we had a lot of the "smile" theme going on (smile balloons, smile fruit snacks) emphasize that their service would bring smiles to the faces of other children. We had a snack right at the beginning because it was right after school, then we watched a brief video on humanitarian aid and the church, then split into groups and completed 5 stations of service (the 5th was service coupon books to use on their own family members). We tied it up with smiley faced cupcakes and sent them on their way. My biggest joy came on Sunday when a child prayed for the "kids we helped" in opening exercises. And then my joy was topped off when my Payton watched the "American Idol Gives Back" and as he watched all the footage of kids in Africa and Louisiana, he was convinced that the good things that were coming to those children were all because of our primary and the service we rendered. He even thought he saw a teddy bear given to a girl that he picked out himself. Tears filled my eyes as I saw a transformation in Payton. When we started gathering donations and even at the activity, the concept of giving away this FUN stuff was very difficult. He wanted to keep his summer fun kit terribly. But he changed...and he was just happy he could give that teddy bear to that little African girl! The next night he made tickets and invited us all to his "service party" in his room. Some of the Primary Presidency dropped the donations off at the Child Crisis Center and they were very thankful and said they truly were in need of these special kits. I just wanted to share a bit of my excitement in regard to this activity! It's over and that's the best part!