Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beach life on a Saturday.

We chased the sun today.  Kaaawa was rainy and the skies looked clear north of us so after a little sea glass hunting and breakfast, we drove to the North Shore.  We had lunch at Kahuku grill and made our way to Waimea bay. It was beautiful and the waves were huge, really a perfect back drop and no rain :)  The kids played in the waves, bombed the sand hill, collected shells and loved every minute.  The big boys played in the big waves, it was quite big today.  Amy, Jared & crew and Danny & Jeannie came too so lots of kids and lots of fun.  Girls were playing imaginary games, making salad with leaves and climbing the sand mountain. There was the most amazing rainbow against the mountain as we were rinsing off and getting ready to go.  It was a perfect beach day.

We ate lunch in Haleiwa, walked a few shops (had to buy a shirt for Tess as she was nudie) and hit Matsumoto's on our way out of town.  It was a fun-filled, happy day.

Had to document Mike shaved his beard.  We all were calling him "danny" for a few days because he looked SO different and really quite a lot like D-Z. Too funny.

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