Monday, September 14, 2009

Magic and Thunder

Kids had their first soccer games this week! It was so fun. Both teams are BLUE this year...Sydney's team is the Blue Magic and Payton's is Blue Thunder. Sydney was hilarious and seriously could have cared less where that ball was! I had to make myself sit down and stop screaming more than once...cuz really, was my screaming going to do any good? not so much. It was fun though...lots of grass picking and nail biting :)
Payton, on the other hand, is in the big time now. It's like a whole new game...with GOALIES. It was really fun to watch and though I am really looking forward to games a month or more from now when it's not blazing hot, I loved watching Payt play.

Go BLUE Magic/Thunder :)

partying with the cousins...

We are pretty lucky to be related to Jared & Amy who plan such fun vacations and let us tag along. We spent a long weekend in Huntington Beach for Mack's fifth birthday. The kids had a ball together at the beach & on the waterslides. I had a much-needed, very relaxing few days and except for a small bout with the stomach flu, we had a fabulous time. We also got to spend another long weekend over Labor day at Lake Powell with our family. It was very nice to be ALL has been a while. We even managed to get a few family pics. The kids played so hard and came home SO exhausted, but it was a fun time together. Sydney and Avery loved to ride the jet ski with Mike. Payt & the boys went from the beach to the "hot pool" to the beach again. The weather was nice and food was great...and Avery even kept her life jacket on without a major fuss, so we had a great time.
I really am not even going to pretend that I don't think this girl is the cutest thing ever...

Aves loved riding the jet ski with her daddy.

tan babies.
Avery and her stringy, sunscreen, mullet hair...probably should do something about that.

Wee and little Aves.

All the grandkids with Pop and Dama-Dama

The whole bunch of us
{and proof that I went on this trip...the only picture taken of me...
maybe cuz I hadn't showered in 3 days???}
Sydney and the pet frog that died the next day. bummer ;)

Lots of boys...Jared, Will, Payt & Mack

Brunch at the Hilton...
little did we know we'd see ALL 5 of the chocolate covered
strawberries again on our ride home :) yucky.

Payton {6} Mack {5} Sydney Kate {4} Will {3} Avery {1} Sam {4 months}

{these are totally in the wrong order....}
Transformers cake AFTER!

Transformers cake BEFORE!
Happy Birthday Macky! We love you...

Skinny Miguel and the SPRINKLES cupcakes.
{Mike definitely regrets eating 4 of them.
And we are ALL trying to forget hearing them coming back up...lovely.}

"Strips" in honor of POP

Love these two beach bums.


Our sweet Sydney started pre-school again this year. She loves school. She stamps and colors, is learning to write and even helped plant a garden with one of her teachers. She is growing up so fast, can't believe it.