Friday, February 14, 2014

LOVE day.

We got some special visitors in this week. Kate, Andy and their kiddos arrived just in time for Valentine's Day :)  The first few days were a little rainy...but we spent some time on the beach. Kids walked to school and had a Valentine picnic.  Jeannie, Sheila and I helped with the class party at school for the Kindergarten class...that was fun and there was more candy there than you can even imagine.  We played a few games too.  

We went to the PCC for a few hours, saw a few of the islands, kids went fishing and ate mochi. It was a little rainy, though.  Hurried home to meet the babysitters which turned out to be boys, ugh...long story.  I arranged sitters through the BYU-Hawaii babysitter's page, I got quite a few texts and just went with the first one, seemed nice enough. Turned out it was two boys, men I guess you could say, which was totally weird.  We have since named them "gaby-sitters" and it's a funny story but it was a bit stressful in the moment and totally caught me off guard.  We went to Haleiwa for dinner with Jared, Amy, Danny & Jeannie, Kate & Andy and us. It was fun...I was hoping for clear skies so we could play frisbee golf but alas, the rain wins around here. 

It's SO nice to have my sister here. We didn't get many pics together this trip but we sure had a fun time together. I love her and miss her a lot while I am so far away.  It's a good thing to have a sister like her.  I'm grateful they could come and spend some time with us.  They'll be here a few days and then off to Aulani Disney Resort. 

I'm also super grateful for my Valentine.  He really is the best and this adventure with him and with our children will be one I will treasure forever.  He's the best dad. The best support, hard worker, partner.  I am a lucky lady. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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