Friday, September 26, 2008

4 months of high maintenence

I finally got Avery into her pediatric "well check" and she is "well". Actually, after four months of having an appropriate nick name of "high maintenance"...I am pleased to say that she has turned a leaf and has become a chubby, happy baby. She is a joy to me, I love to squeeze her! Thought I'd give a little update of what she's up to these days. She has officially found her feet and she loves to grab them and stick them in her mouth {see photo}. I think it's so cute. She grabs for toys and sits up so great in her bumbo. She is smiling and talking, laughing and cooing...all those cute baby things. She is also slobbering like crazy. Hoping that ends soon. She is sleeping better all the time and starting to lay down and put herself to sleep. Still loves her binky, pulls it in and out of her mouth, drops it most of the time. She is exhausted by about 8:30 at night...she basically falls asleep in my arms if I don't get her to bed soon enough. That is nice to have a few hours with all the children asleep. She is 13 pounds of love with a slightly flat head on one side :)(why do they tell you things like that? rude. It totally freaked me out) that I am anxiously engaged in trying to correct!! She loves her brother & sister and her daddy. But I think I am her favorite. I feel bad for this third little child...she just has to be dragged all over, in her car seat the majority of the day, no real naps. She is a good sport though, love her to pieces. If you are all wondering why we ocassionally refer to her as "gangsta"'s the story. Mike has a way of making nick names stick and it has... he turned her bow to the side of her head one day and started calling her "gangsta aves" and then the kids made up a song about it and we all sing it often :) "Gangsta, Gangsta Aves...I'm so pretty I have to say...Gangsta" {repeat endlessly} you Avery girl!

Monday, September 15, 2008

my baby

Ok, so this is out of the blue...Avery doesn't look like this anymore! She is officially 4 months old but that's beside the point. I had a goal to be in bed at 9 like the rest of this family, but I sat and wasted time for another hour or more. I have been playing a bit on the website I mentioned before {and because you all asked so nicely...} It is kind of fun and since I have started the photoshop "how to" lessons about 30 times and had to stop to attend to little naughties, this will have to do for now. I played with this pic of Avery...she's a sweet little one. Miss snuggling that little body but I sure am enjoying her giggles and chubby legs. She is happy and a sweet bald little girl.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

update pics

Here's a few pics to update the world on what we've been up to. And I have been trying my hand on photo editing website my sis in law told me about!

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Seems as though my husband and this man, BJ Penn, are bound to be life long "bradas"...that is if Mike survives his two weeks of training. Yes, he won the shadowboxing contest and will be going to Hilo, Hawaii to train. Only my husband, that's for sure :) Anyways, thanks to all who voted. I am nervous, I think Mike is too. Maybe that's why he's in the garage training as we speak :) Loves!